Personalized Sports AI Reports

Chospo analyzes a vast amount of sports data automatically and extracts the relevant insights for the creation of a sports analyst AI report.

If there are any updated events that may affect the match outcome, the system will automatically update the report based on the new important information.

You can also interact with dynamic charts to see custom views of past match trends and statistics.

This AI report is a key feature that is being improved continuously so that users can benefit from the predictive insights they need to obtain the best results.


Interactive Chocspo AI Predictions

Rather than a viewing a simple static report, you can hold a dialogue with Chocspo AI.

You can use your own experience to selectively prioritize different factors

that you believe will influence the prediction results such as the home field advantage, key player influence and the previous match outcomes.

Your judgment can be applied by adjusting the percentage weight of each factor.

The final prediction report will combine your opinion with that produced by Chocspo AI.

Of course, regardless of the AI’s prediction, you can always compare your own predictions for each sports match.

All preferences can be easily saved to your account and applied again conveniently in future matches.

Chocspo's AI Prediction Method

This is a simplified explanation of way Chocspo processes the data to produce the match predictions.

Various AI technologies are combined in a unique way focused on sports data.